Jack Shmit and Aliens in Idaho

Age rating: 13 and older
Jack Shmit, Las Vegas rascal, has just bought his dream car and things couldn't be better -- until he's abducted by vicious aliens hellbent on destroying earth. Now the fate of the world rests on Jack Shmit's shoulders ... but is he the type of hero the world can depend on?
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Jack Shmit, late-30s Las Vegas mechanic and rapscallion, has just bought his dream car in Boise. Nothing could be better, except while passing through the small town of Hole, Idaho, Jack is tractor-beamed up into a spaceship where he must battle vicious aliens hell-bent on destroying Earth. Along with the other abducted townsfolk, Jack endures alien torture, mind-reading sessions and a galactic coliseum filled with monstrous space tigers.

Throughout his ordeals, Jack joins forces with a clever jump-kicking young orphan, a wise-cracking Native American, a sexy shape-changing alien, and a hilarious host of others. Jack and his new Idaho friends desperately try to survive the sinister alien leader, Gaar, who is about to annihilate the world simply for his own amusement.

Against all odds, it’s up to Jack Shmit to save the planet. But can he? – Well, you don’t know Jack Shmit until you’ve seen him in action...

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