The Forbidden City

Creator: George Strayton
Age rating: 13 and older
A professional gamer who never leaves his apartment must deliver a package to China to save his sister. Upon arriving, he's forced to hook up with a gorgeous, but untrustworthy American woman involved in the Chinese underworld to make the exchange before it’s too late.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Ben, a dorky 20-something from New York City who earns a living winning online Halo and World of Warcraft competitions, has become so introverted that he never leaves his apartment. But when he receives a mysterious package from his sister, he's contacted by a sexy, but insane Chinese woman -- a grand-daughter of Chairman Mao who believes China has deviated from its Communist underpinnings -- who orders him to bring the package to the People's Republic or say goodbye to his beloved sister forever.

But when Ben arrives in China, everything instantly goes wrong and he has no choice but to make a deal with a beautiful criminal named Jane, an American caught up in the Chinese underworld of competing Triads.

The journey to reach the rendezvous point involves, among other things, the relentless Chinese Public Security Bureau, the Dragonhead of a Triad who has put out a hit on Jane, a karaoke scene at a Triad bar featuring Ben in drag, and finally a conspiracy to destroy the United States economy.

It's a fun, frenetic, and at times frightening film (especially when you realize that the plot against America is in fact an actual possibility in the real world) that intertwines action, adventure, and romance. In the end, we find out if Ben can learn to step out of the fantasy worlds he lives in and face his fears in the real world and if Jane is willing to give up a fortune for love.

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