Creators: Lee Irby, Ben Siwinski
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
The windmill hole ruined Mitch Keehote's pro miniature golf career, but standing in the way of his comeback is a teen prodigy raised from birth to be the world's greatest putter.
Synopsis: Once the tour's brightest star, Mitch must start from scratch to fight his way back to the top. He enlists the help of an ex-con psychiatrist and a geeky 13-year-old girl who is miniature golf's biggest fan. But Mitch's comeback faces a huge hurdle: a teen prodigy with a phalanx of trainers and advisers who are plotting to make him putt-putt's version of Tiger Woods. Their epic showdown at the Blue Balls National Championship hinges on which putter can best the dreaded windmill hole.

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