Creator: Mike McLarty
Age rating: 17 and older
A former Navy SEAL, who lost his family in World War III, escorts an Englishwoman and her children across the ravaged wasteland of the United States. Can they find a rumored boat able to cross the Atlantic before the cannibals on their trail catch up to them?
Synopsis: CROSSROADS Synopsis

A war between the United States and China ravages the world with nuclear weapons.

Ten years later a trader, SHARKY (30) and his partner GUS (40) enter the walled town of MOUNTAIN HOME. There they meet an Englishwoman, LUCIA (28), her ten year old twins ALICE and ANDY, and SHIRLEY (40), the proprietor of the local Inn.

Lucia attempts to make a deal with Sharky to take her and her children to BRICKTOWN, VIRGINIA. An earlier trader, DOC IVER (60) told her there was a boat there that arrived from England. Lucia hopes to use it to return home. Sharky, however, refuses.

During the night KING CANNIBAL (30) and his band of savages overrun the town. Sharky and crew make a daring escape in the trader’s RV.

Due to various circumstances, Sharky and Gus decide to head east. They know the cannibals are chasing them, and hope to lose them. They can never seem to get quite far enough away though.

Along the way they meet bandits, murderous hillbillies, and some Chinese soldiers that they befriend.

King Cannibal and his men catch up with Sharky’s group at the camp of the Chinese soldiers. Most of the Chinese are killed, except for CAPT. TZU (50) and a few of his men.

After a sword fight between Tzu and King, Sharky manages to escape. Carrying a wounded Tzu, Sharky leads the group to a boat the Chinese were using. They continue to Bricktown.

Feelings between Sharky and Lucia are becoming intense, but both realize that Lucia needs to return to England so the twins can meet their father.

Arriving in Bricktown, they are met by the villagers and their leaders TROY (40) and KATRINA (40). Doc Iver is here as well. The villagers take them in, and Sharky prepares them for the coming battle with the cannibals.

Lucia learns that while there is a boat capable of making the journey, England is no more.
Sharky and Lucia stay behind to fight King and his men, while most of the women and children are loaded onto fishing boats to await the outcome of the fight.

The cannibals and the villagers of Bricktown meet King and gang. Through cunning and bravery, Sharky’s side wins the day, and Sharky kills King.

Two years later the boat that sailed from England has been repaired. Tzu will attempt to sail back to his homeland. Sharky sends him off with a message of peace to the Chinese people.
As the film ends, a pregnant Lucia reveals to Sharky signs of new life in the fields around Bricktown: an apple tree from which they both share fruit.

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