Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
A former hippie who awakens from brain surgery with no memories beyond 1969 discovers that he'd spent the last 40 years living as a "square" under an assumed name, a fugitive from justice, but as he clashes outrageously with the 21st century, his past catches up to him.
Synopsis: This script is a love letter to the 1960s in the form of broad comedy. Upon losing his memories beyond age 20, due to complications from a brain aneurysm, 67 year-old Gordo McCain awakens from surgery to discover that he's been living under an assumed name (as "Robert Hurlbut") for 40 odd years because he's an ex-member of a radical underground political group and still wanted by the FBI for treason.

Repelled by his "old" wife and their "conformist" lifestyle, Gordo dons vintage hippie attire, paints an old VW bus in psychedelia, and together with his granddaughter, Emily Hurlbut, a 15 year-old Goth, and the only family member he can relate to, crosses the country in search of the truth about his alleged crimes and to "find" himself. Meanwhile, the FBI closes in ...

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