MANHATTAN JUMPS BACK "A Witness On 42nd Street"

Creator: Jeffery Bonds
Age rating: 13 and older
Derrick Falster is a raged drug dealer who has everyone in Manhattan New York feared.
Synopsis: Manhattan is not just a simple place, of life. Derrick Falster is not going to go to prison and he'd made it plain every if he'd had to rid Tom Bossley the news reporter who wanted to take him under.

Latest Work

  • Video 10 - Tom Bossley must convince her
    Creative Notes:
    Derrick Foster still was on Tom Bossley's mind. That murderer had yet to escape the news reporter Tom Bossley. He had to let Susan Steadfast know that she was in complete safety if she testify again Derrick Foster.
  • Storyboard 6 - Will Tom Bossley's only eviden..
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    Creative Notes:
    Susan steadfast yes you and Tom Bossley have been working together for years. But Tom Bossley wants recognition and he wants a little more than power in the city of Manhattan New York. But the main question is will Susan Steadfast help Tom Bossley in the important matter... Or will time fade away?
  • Script 1 - Jeffery's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    If you were in New York, would you fear for your life if you'd witnessed a murder or would you stand?

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