Being A Rapper Nowadays

Creator: Erick's Brain
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
Pearson is an up and coming rapper who goes by the stage name Real Rap. He hates his nine to five job and feels trapped in a corner. He finally gets his big break when he gets signed to a major record label. Things get tough when he sees how it really is to be a star.
Synopsis: Pearson goes by the stage name Real Rap. He's been rapping and performing at the same night club time and time again. He gets booed by the audience because he's old and his rap style is played out. He goes to work and his favorite fan and his biggest hater are both his coworkers. The hater Samuel is his manager and they seem to be worst enemies. His favorite fan is Giles, the guy who sits across from him in the office.

Pearson's home life is no better. His girlfriend Marsha doesn't work, and his roommate Al does nothing all day but smoke weed, watch TV, and play video games. He promises Marsha that he'll one day move both of them out and into a big house.

Pearson finally gets signed to a recording deal when he makes a recording with Blain Beats, the cousin of his coworker and the sexy label executive Jasmine. He isn't fond of the new sound he's making with Blain, but it's his only shot to his dream.

Pearson goes on tour and gets distracted from his relationship with Marsha when he begins an affair with Jasmine. Marsha becomes suspicious and tells Pearson she's going to work at a strip club and she's breaking up with him.

While Pearson is rehearsing for his biggest show ever, he gets a call from Marsha telling him how his rap arch nemesis Wax Anonymous disrespected her at her job. He goes straight home to comfort her and then crashes Wax's studio to get vengeance.

The greatest day of Pearson's life follows the confrontation when he receives the Hip Hop record of the year award over Wax Anonymous at the BLT awards.

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  • Script 1 - Erick's's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is the original feature length version. It started as a short but after 41 pages I decided to make it a feature.