I.O.U. (Until It's Over!)

Creator: William Hubbert
Age rating: Everyone
The Story tells a tail of how the H.I.V. Virus can be spreader to a number of host from one carrier to the unlimited amount of people who don't even know the host at all. Set in an Urban Setting with an array of different social statuses.
Synopsis: The story starts with a husband & wife who has no idea of each of their on sexual delights, the husband is an undercover down low brother and the wife is a two timing undercover T.H.O.T. and a major business women who has a wonderful corporate business in which the two of them has not had the time to spend with each other due to the fact that her husband is starting a record label and spends most of his time between artist, the men in his life and the young women who is signing to what he calls the next big thing in music. While the two of them are sleeping with the same man the only one knows this is the lover of the two, Calvin who is in the know of the disease that he carries but no-one else knows the better but one his BFF Lovely who has just found out about the husband and wife team that he has been sleeping with, the question is how do you do it and know what you have at steak and to lose with your lover at home ( Greg). the story began when Greg goes to have an H.I.V. Test taken and founds out that he has been infected with the virus. Be sure to keep a open MIND and look forward to the rest of the story.

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    Creative Notes:
    This is a very moving and mind explosive film and story boar, This will change the game in the idea of how and where things can go wrong. This can move people in directions that they will be trying to get an understanding