We Were Vampire

Age rating: Everyone
There are stories lost in time long ago. Dark tales of “The Bene Elohim,” the land of the fallen sons of God, where fallen angels mated with beautiful daughters of men. We Were Vampire
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Two star crossed lovers discover their hidden lineage when they are unknowingly thrust into the middle of an epic battle between heaven and the dark offspring of hell, the Vampire. Successful novelist Mark Javaid, writes a novel that captures the attention of the evil that lurks in the shadows of the city. Meanwhile, Laura Javaid, newly appointed attorney with the Assistant District Attorney’s office is prosecuting a nationwide court case about a serial killer the media have dubbed, the VAMPIRE. Unbeknown to Mark and Laura, these two events are intertwined and will take them on a journey that will go back to the beginning of the blood lust.

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