Cheap Secrets The Secreto Barato Show

Creator: Kevin Orbit
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
A montage of characters from the web comic series "Cheap Secrets the Secreto Barato Show" set to the shows theme song.
Synopsis: Cheap Secrets, “The Secreto Barato Show” is an adult cartoon based on the Web Comic Series of the same name. It is set in city of Moakdale, California located ten miles from the border of Mexico. It is the story of Secreto Barato, who along with his estranged wife Lydia, own Barato Media, a small local advertising agency. The comic show tells the story of Secreto’s life at work with his employees including his web designer and tech guru, Mailman, his new business saleman, Eddie “The Pencil” Mullholland as well as his life, friends and problems away from the job and his excursions across the border to party in Mexico.

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