Creator: Dan Greene
Age rating: 13 and older
On his deathbed, a legendary and mysterious 19th century violin virtuoso's soul hangs in the balance as a priest desperately tries to discern fact from fiction in the life of a man who purportedly made a pact with the Devil.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Niccolo Paganini was not only the premier violin master of the 19th century but also the first true "rock star" of his day. His haunting persona, devilish stage antics, and unparalleled virtuosity attracted throngs of fans throughout Europe. But while his fiery solos made men cheer and women swoon, eerie tales of his alleged Satanic pact and sordid backstage debauchery alternately boosted and sunk his fortunes throughout his forty-year career.

Now on his deathbed, an evasive Paganini taunts and enlightens a young priest tasked with investigating rumors of his occult associations. But can he save the soul of the unrepentant "Devil's Fiddler"?

NOTE: While this script was inspired by the real Niccolo Paganini's life and exploits, the story itself is fictitious.

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