Grandpa's World

Creator: Anthony McBride
Age rating: Everyone
A freak mishap catapults an adventurous young girl into a parallel dimension, where she must rescue her Grandpa from his evil doppelganger before all is lost.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Ella is an inventor, just like her Grandpa. While Ella and Bones, her faithful but clumsy dog, are staying at Grandpa's for the weekend; Bones accidentally activates Grandpa's Dimension Machine, forming a wormhole which sucks them all into a parallel universe.

Separated from Grandpa, Ella and Bones must fend for themselves. They encounter an ugly, deformed tabby cat, Tom, who tells them that a mysterious figure named Gramps is snatching stray animals to use as test subjects for his malfunctioning Dimension Machine. Tom managed to escape from Gramps' Research Facility, but not before Gramps had thrown him into the unstable wormhole and Tom had re‑emerged in his mutated form.

Meanwhile, Gramps (Grandpa's evil doppelganger) has sensed a disturbance in the Aether and sends Ripper, his head minion, out to investigate the source. Ripper assumes that Grandpa is Gramps and drives him back to the laboratory. Gramps immediately has Grandpa thrown into a cage, with the intention of forcing him to reveal how to make the Dimension Machine work correctly.

Ella literally bumps into her parallel self, Eli, who transpires to be Tom's human. Gramps is holding Eli's parents captive. Together with Bones and Tom, they must devise a plan to rescue the prisoners and put a stop to Gramps' wicked tinkering once and for all.

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