Creator: Bruce D'Amato
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
Five teens summon the ghost of an 18th Century witch, who possesses one of them and then she starts killing off the others over the course of a terrifying weekend.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Sela, Brandon, Bobby and Patti and Derek are the teens who travel to a local cemetery to investigate the legend of an 18th Century witch. Her name is Alexandra Romanov and she is an urban legend in the area. They perform a summoning spell to bring her spirit back from the grave. They have videorecorders and cameras to record their discoveries. They don't think it worked but decide to camp out in the woods for the night.

Sela is a Wiccan and shows the other kids what Wiccan practices are about. That night, they hear strange sounds and laughter echoing throughout the forest. Sela is soon possessed by the spirit of the witch and starts isolating and killing off the other teens.

Soon it is just she and Bobby who square off in a fight to the death. Sela is triumphant in this fight but the witch's spirit separates herself from the girl and kills her in the end. The witch returns to the next dimension from which she was summoned. Just photographs and video footage remain of the teens' encounter in the woods.

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