Twins of Destiny

The Twins were born under a mysterious destiny and hidden away. One boy saved, one boy lost. Their eleventh birthday comes and now they must race to confront their fate, in a world where magic is real and to a land where a boy could be king.

Matthew Dennis: A young 11-year old boy who wakes up one day with a pair of wings.
Daniel: His lost twin brother who has grown a large black scorpion tail. Stolen and raised by the evil Odin.
Robert and Cathy Dennis: Matthew's parents by adoption.
Babs and Bartholomew: The boy's Aunt and Uncle who know the truth behind the boys heritage that throws the family into a whirlwind adventure.
Odin: Evil and strong, he races to control the power of the world.


Chronos Apithicus Lot: A huge loveable gatekeeper to the U.S. entrance to the UnderMiddle.
Regi: The owner of the UnderMiddle Hotel who attends to the family's needs.
Layla: A fiesty renegade taxi driver.
UMC's - UnderMiddleCops: The police of the UnderMiddle with matching blue suits and sunglasses with human bodies and bat heads and wings.
Gordy "Stitches" Larvae: A decomposing zombie and literally Odin's "right hand" man.
General Escante: A guerrilla general and top official in Jangus's Army.
Chronos Jangus: A large and jowly man and gatekeeper to the Brazil entrance to the UnderMiddle.
The Jangus: The creature representing Jangus as a test, with a head of stone and arms and legs of wood.
Jimbo: A barkeep with the talent to light things on fire.
Judge: The ruler of the UnderMiddle who the twins must go to, to decide the right of succession to the throne.

A wonderful family adventure that explores how far one family will go to protect each other and test the boundaries within themselves.

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