Creator: Lucas Clark
Age rating: 13 and older
As a matter of national security, an alcoholic ex-CIA agent is banished to the one place that no one will find him: Santa’s Workshop. Just days before Christmas, Santa is kidnapped and the ex-agent must use his CIA training to save Santa and the spirit of Christmas.
Synopsis: This may be the first real good Christmas story you’ve ever heard. Or more correctly, the first good real Christmas story. You see, most stories tell of Christmas as if it takes place in a magical bubble separate from all the major problems of the world. This is not one of those stories.

Nicholas Walker, a jaded CIA agent plagued by alcoholism, is given the crucial covert mission of assassinating ruthless dictator Norchinsky Noninof, of the small Eastern European country of Nietznia, to prevent Nietznia from becoming the next Libya-esque world crisis. During the mission, Nick is unable to keep his alcoholism in check and drunkenly botches the assassination attempt. As a matter of national security, the CIA banishes Nick to the one place that no one will find him.

Nick is dropped in a snowy desert and to his extreme surprise is greeted by an elf, “Welcome to Santa’s Workshop!” The elf explains that the CIA knows of Santa’s existence and has struck a deal with Santa: The CIA can hide agents at the North Pole, and in return Santa can use CIA surveillance equipment and wire taps to determine who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Unable to handle the candyland-esque sweatshop that is Santa’s workshop, Nick resorts to further drunken antics, screwing up the production of toys, sleeping with one of the female elves, and attempting to fly Blitzen is a desperate effort to escape.

The elves, feeling underappreciated and underpaid, form a union and go on strike. Desperate to be ready for Christmas on time, Santa makes a deal with Nick that if Nick helps him prepare for Christmas, he will help Nick pull his life back together by reuniting him with his estranged wife and kids. Nick reluctantly accepts, and eventually finds his place by using the CIA equipment given to Santa to determine who’s been naughty and nice. Through this work and Santa’s influence, Nick’s coldly cynical heart begins to warm as he starts to realize the true meaning of Christmas: it’s about sharing the gift you know how to give with those who need it most.

As Nick and Santa continue to work together, it looks like there is hope for Christmas and for Nick. Suddenly, just days before Christmas, Santa’s workshop is invaded by Nietznian soldiers on a mission to capture Santa Claus. In a ferocious battle, Nick attempts to protect Santa, but to no avail. On the spectrum of Christmas tragedies, the worst one imaginable has come to fruition: a ruthless dictator of a militant country has kidnapped Santa Claus.

In an emergency meeting, the U.S. government decides not to make any attempt to save Santa. They reason that by not recognizing Santa’s existence, they will minimize the damage caused by his imminent execution.

Nick awakes in a hospital bed back in the U.S. and is distraught to hear this decision. Grieving for the loss of the one person who had provided a light in his dark world, Nick goes on a relentless bender, drinking until he passes out and dreams of the horrific future of a world without Christmas spirit.

Nick awakes to Santa’s insight about the meaning of Christmas echoing in his head, “It’s about sharing the gift you know how to give with those who need it most.” Now fully understanding the meaning of Christmas, Nick takes matters into his own hands. He is going to share the gift that he knows how to give and as a CIA agent that gift just so happens to be violent retribution.

Nick hijacks a harrier jet and flies it to the North Pole where he convinces the elves to prepare for Christmas. Unable to reach Santa in time in the harrier, Nick, along with several of the elves also wanting revenge, decide to use the fastest mode of transpiration available: Santa’s sleigh.

They assault the Nietznian Capital Complex where Santa is being held. The attack explodes into festive carnage: elves strangling soldiers with tinsel, stabbing them with toy fairy wands, and dousing them with boiling hot chocolate. Nick finds Santa strapped to a missile about to launch. He frees Santa and reprograms the missile to detonate within the complex.

As they attempt to escape, Nick and Santa are surrounded by Noninof and numerous Nietznian soldiers. The situation looks hopeless, but Nick still prepares to defend Santa to the death. Santa, realizing that Nick finally understands the meaning of Christmas, takes up arms with him. The two fight back-to-back and lay waste to the Nietznian soldiers in a dramatic climactic battle. They, along with the elves, jump in the sleigh just in time to escape the missile detonating and engulfing Noninof and the entire Nietznian capital complex in a massive explosion.

With Santa rescued, Christmas is saved. Nick, having found a new perspective on life, is reunited with his wife and kids.

And so you see, Christmas doesn't exist in a world free of problems, but the fact that it exists in spite of them makes it all the more magical that this joyful celebration manages to come all the same every year.

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  • Video 3 - Comedy, adventure
    Creative Notes:
    The elves are on strike. The CIA has sent another recovering alcoholic to the North Pole. An eastern European nation now considers celebrating Christmas a crime, and they've taken Santa captive. No wonder he's having an angry moment.
  • Video 2 - Comedy, adventure
    Creative Notes:
    This trailer shows Santa getting angry, trying to fight his way past some soldiers on an air force base. He mysteriously transforms from a jolly Saint Nic into a Ninja type Santa and uses candy cane nun chucks and karate kicks to defend himself.
    All the music used in this version came from Amazon Studios sound/music library.
  • Video 1 - Comedy, adventure
    Creative Notes:
    Most of this trailer consists of Santa getting angry, fighting off a group of attacking soldiers on a military base. Instead of using weapons, as scripted, we have him transforming into a ninja, and kicking butt, using candy cane nun chucks. It does show how funny it would be to see Santa angry. Song "Mr Angry" by Sans Blanc (FMA)