"Children of the Genocide"

Creator: Tom Laughlin
Age rating: 13 and older
FBI agents investigate a government cover-up of past medical experiments conducted using serial killer DNA, to genetically create the perfect serial killer, for research purposes. Investigation leads to a secret cell containing the government's ultimate creation... "Joshua".
Synopsis: "Children of the Genocide" is suspense thriller about three FBI agents hot on a high-wire paranormal investigation of a top secret medical experiment involving government scientists using serial killer DNA (Project Genocide) – to form and genetically engineer the perfect serial killer, for lab and research purposes. The investigation leads them to a maximum security prison, and a cell containing Project Genocide's most top secret DNA creation, a young teenage boy, named "Joshua".

I will have another polished draft uploaded very soon... But yes, enjoy!! Tell everyone about this script project!

((**If the format of the script looks incorrect due to the way the website converts text formats, please email me for the PDF version of the script with correct formatting, if you need.**))

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Tom's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is an original screenplay. This is my 11th draft of this original screenplay. With the flavor of Tim Burton and David Fincher, I've taken a scientific idea and mixed it with some more twists, but over-all I'm very proud of how this script turned out, this is 1/11 feature film scripts I have, ready to be shot! (script formatting macros may differ on Mac, use a PC.)