The Rescue

Creator: Chris-Al Graham
Age rating: 13 and older
In a world of drugs and violence where you don't know who to trust, one man puts his loyalty where he shouldn't. When the chips are down, only he can make a difference.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: John Craven is a Marine Scout Sniper Gunnery Sergeant with dozens of confirmed kills under his belt. He works closely with his Spotter Corporal Michael ‘Mack’ McCullum. Our heroes complete a mission in Mexico where they kill the head of a major drug cartel.

Shortly after Craven's last mission and subsequent retirement, US Border Patrol agents massacre most of the members of a group of illegal immigrants. However, one of them manages to escape back into Mexico causing a diplomatic incident.

Months later, a young, newlywed couple experiences the pain of tragedy when the husband is kidnapped while they honeymoon in Tijuana, Mexico.

Craven’s life is disrupted when his friend Jorge informs him of the kidnapping of his best friend Mack. Jorge delivers more bad news when he informs Craven that neither the US nor Mexican governments are willing to help in finding Mack to due to the recent strained relations over the immigrant killings.

Craven makes the decision to rescue Mack himself. Jorge warns him against him going but relents due to his determination and provides info on a contact in TJ who may be able to help locate Mack. Craven makes it into Tijuana safely with Jorge's assistance and links with the contact, Juan. They arrange a meeting at a neutral location but Craven is ambushed before he makes it to the meet. He is harshly interrogated but does not relent. Juan appears at the safe house where Craven is being held. During his escape attempt, Craven exacts revenge on some of his kidnappers.

Battered and bruised, Craven later makes friends with a local, Manny, who turns out to be a former Mexican cop. Craven shares his story with him. Manny has a story of his own. He was run out of the force and his family threatened because he would not succumb to taking bribes like so many of his fellow officers. Fearing for his family’s safety, Manny attempts to take them across the border into the US illegally. His was the group whose members were exterminated by the US Border Patrol.

Manny schools Craven on the local crime scene and arranges for arms for his quest. Inspired by Craven’s loyalty to Mack and against his better judgment, Manny agrees to aid in Mack's rescue. It turns out the main gang responsible for Mack's capture is the same one that was run by Craven's last confirmed kill.

However, before they can attempt a rescue, Manny is captured by the gang. In the ensuing violence to first rescue Manny then Mack, Craven learns the meaning of betrayal and how much true loyalty does inspire.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Chris-Al's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    READ THIS VERSION: Updated some of the dialogue so it's not so on the nose. Filled in plot holes and tied up loose ends left open due to initial rush to meet November deadline. Expanded the ending.

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