My Dark Dreams. The Killer Werewolves

Creator: tony Clements
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
I don't know what a Premise is but I know that if you read my story that I am sending you will like it. and it will be great to see one of my stories come to life as a movie and if you accept my story to turn it into a TV series or movie but most of money must go to feed kid
Synopsis: "Blood is dripping from the counter top, the clock has stopped at midnight, and a murder was committed here" the old cop said. Suddenly, a thump came from the closet. The police officer opened the door and a body fell out. It was another old man. It turns out, he was the owner of the place which was living alone. Then, out of nowhere, there was a random flash of light. The smell of smoke filled the room, it was detective Tony. He looked up and said, "this is the work of the Time Killer. Check to see if the old man is still alive." The police checked if he had a pulse, it was weak. Then the old man whispered to them "get the son of a bitch." Tony knew that the killer had to be somewhere in the house. Tony made the police check down stairs, while he examined up stairs. When he made it to the top, he put an eye to one side of the hall and when he quickly turned around, he was barely able to dodge a hatchet that was thrown at him. Tony stood back up with a grin and said,"you missed." "I love a good challenge, and that's one challenge I can accept. This one even more of a challenge because you killed 12 people in my town and now it's just me and you." A vioce then whispered "So, do think you can beat me?" Tony took off the gun holster and threw his gun to the side. "Lets go, asshole." The figure ran down the hall coming closer to Tony, revealing to him that he had a hunting knife.
Tony used a table to do a round house Kick to the killer's head. The Killer was dazed and confused he started stager over to the staircase and then fell over with the hunting knife that punctured his chest. The other officer shone a light at his face. To everyones suprise, it was Prime the old butcher man. Tony looked as he shed a tear, because Mr Prime was, Tony mentor and friend. Mr Prime use to take care of the kids in Tony's neighborhood when Tony was a small boy, Tony remembers that Mr Pirem Tony remember the time the rich kids jump in on his way from school Tony fought back but to no preavel he was out number 8 to 1 that when Mr Prime yelled hey you the little bassters that can't fight unless you have numbers get off that young man the rich, kids ran off leaving Tony beat up and bloody that when Mr Prime pick Tony up and said boy what your name, Tony gave Mr Prime his name then Mr Prime ask Tony were do you live. Tony replied I live Mrs Ashley home for kids without preants. Mr Prime said your a orfen? Tony nods his yes that when Mr Prime said you know what kid you can help me out at the shop I need some one that can help me clean the shop and take out the trash for me and in retrun I'll teach how to fight, Tony said thank you but what do I tell Mrs Ashley? Mr Prime smiled and said I'll take care of it. So for 16 year Tony work for Mr Prime at the meat shop and with in that time Tony lernd how to fight in all stiles boxing, kung fu, kick boxing, jujdo and motie.

On his 26 birthday Tony told Mr Prime I am going to jone the police force, and become detective. Mr Prime smiled and said my boy I am glad to here it. You ben Like A son to me. Tony knew Mr Prime ment every word he said.That when Tony look at his fellow officer and said this Can't be the Killer I know this man, he raced me from when I was 10 years old he love people and kids he was the one that showed me how to fight, and these killing din't start a moth arfter I jone and Mr Prime was alway at home when the I call. But then Tony look again it was him with the Hunting knife lodge in his chest and. Tony's shoe mark a cross his face and when the other officer exsamen the hachet it had his fingger prints all over the weapons 2 years when by that's when the new murders started up. And what was strang was the people that were killed had teath markings that look like, a big wolf had made them but there woror no woleves that big. So what cood have bin killing them. Then one night when Tony was heading home from work, he stopped at the pet store. It was late he ben trying to save up some money to bye a puppy that he sall lasts year, a cute little puppy that was 7 weeks old. The owner of the pet store was Name Penelope She was nice and Tony had a crush on her. But when Tony a rived the place was trashed it looked as if someone or something had forced it's way in side. Tony call for back up, then head in side he looked around.

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