Hook, Line & Cyber

Creator: Marqus Bobesich
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
A bumbling Canadian battles the craziness that is Los Angeles to surprise his "internet lover", only to discover she works for a bogus dating site.
Synopsis: MARTY TWYKER is a lonely guy. When he’s not avoiding his boss or the dishes at work he’s surfing online dating sites, convinced he’s bound to find “the one”.

After weeks and months of chatting with one particular mystery girl, his co-workers convince him to fly across the country to surprise her. Armed with a laptop, a one-way
ticket, and zero common sense, he flies from Toronto to the City of Angels in hopes that there might be a chance.

Simultaneous to this, we have CLARE WESTON – an ordinary girl who just happens to work for a bogus dating website. Their job is to take fake profiles (complete with photos)
and run with them – talking with guys online, stroking their egos, and making sure they continue to buy ‘chat credits’ and renew their memberships – all the while following Rule #3, to “remain emotionally uninvolved”.

Somehow that rule’s thrown out the window and Clare starts chatting to the hapless Marty well beyond work hours. Weeks turn to months – stories are shared, hearts are opened, there seems to be a real connection. Too bad she’s not the girl in the photos.

The movie begins where Marty’s search ends -- on the rooftop patio of a skuzzy hostel in Venice Beach. He recounts his last few days battling the craziness that is Los Angeles -- celebrities, gridlock, gang members, film crews, paparazzi, rock stars, earthquakes, a rental car that’s seemingly possessed – all to have his dream girl never show up.

He’s lost his car, his credit card, his laptop and most of his clothes, and he drunkenly rambles on to an audience of one – a girl who’s also apparently staying at the hostel. A girl named Clare… who has something she desperately needs to tell him.

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