Age rating: 17 and older
Two kidnapped couples battle to survive real and supernatural danger on the other side of the Bermuda Triangle.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Act 1

Carl Nevins, marketing director for a national brewery, along with his wife, Cassandra, celebrate the inauguration of a new beer promotion at a hot Miami nightclub. Burke Holloway, the project’s chief advertising copywriter, join them with his girlfriend Brenda Morris, the nightclub’s main singer. But in the midst of their celebration, the group is kidnapped by Scott, a drug addict, and forced to sail a short distance from the shoreline on the brewery company’s yacht. A small compass pin opens a doorway through the Bermuda Triangle and the hapless captives descend into a maelstrom, arriving at the shore of a mysterious island. In a fight, Burke is thrown from the ship by Scott, and forced to explore the island on his own. Brenda, Cassie and Carl manage to elude Scott long enough to set off on their own through the jungle.

Act 2

Scott, in trying to locate the others, is captured by island natives and is prepared to become a ritual sacrifice to the tribe’s customs. He finds scant solace in the fact that Burke has also been subdued and prepared for the same ritual. Carl, Cassandra and Brenda, meanwhile, have been trying to gather material to survive. They discover a variety of items in a large cave. However, they are puzzled as the items are from a wide selection of time periods dating back to ancient history and cultures. A stranger, Adam Brown, appears and extends his friendship to help them get situated. Adam is very religious and credits his faith for getting him through rough times on the island. He informs the group that there is a tribe of cannibals, led by a vicious man, who has terrorized the entire island since Adam’s arrival. They vow to band together to fight against all odds that threaten their existence. Cassie notices Adam’s Bible and a name embossed inside. Although Adam pronounces the last name as Brown, Cassie realizes it’s actually Braun. The discovery throws Cassie into a panic, but she doesn’t want to alarm the others of her suspicions about Adam’s heritage.

Act 3

In approaching the other side of a large mountain, believed to afford shelter, Adam shows the group a Truepoint that opens in the sky above them. Various items fall from the clouds, including live animals and they find a large Griffin chained within the confines of the mountainous depths. Burke and Scott escape their torment and rejoin the group. Pursued by the island natives, Cassie reveals what she knows about Adam’s heritage. He is actually the twin brother of the native’s leader, and they’re both sons of Adolph Hitler who discovered the truepoint opening by mistake during World War II. The sons were sent off to save them from the destruction of their father’s doomed empire. In safety on the island, one brother found strength in religion while the other adopted native customs and practices. Doomed to existence on the island, the visitors form a pact to band against any physical or supernatural force that threatens to destroy them at every turn.

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