Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
A magical Irish walking stick, delivered by St. Patrick, grants one wish to each recipient in desperate life-changing moments, according to God's plan for the individual.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: What would you do with one wish from God? That is the premise of St. Patrick’s visits into the most desperate moments of people’s lives. From a simple age-old wish for life-long financial security to foiling would-be child kidnappers, the Irish walking stick yields no limits for heavenly assistance. It’s all up to the individual who receives the answer to his or her prayer. Perhaps not in a traditional sense of instant gratification, but in a wider life-long satisfaction through faith in the power of the Almighty, people find their faith tested and restored despite life’s obstacles.

Episode 1: A Fair Trade
Two young college students find a magical Irish walking stick in an old man's estate auction. One believes in the shillelagh's gift, the other student scoffs until their housekeeper unwittingly wishes a million dollars on them. They must determing if the shillelagh is real and can save them when a robber returns for the money, stolen from a bank heist.

Episode 2: The Cost of Higher Education
A divorced mother, working in a diner, concocts a life insurance scam to send her daughter to college. Her only wish is to give her daughter a higher education, even if it means she may never see her again in life.

Episode 3: Adventures in Paradise
A wheelchair bound boy wishes for adventure, while his only schoolfriend wishes for him to be her hero. When a high executive kidnapping plot threatens the children, it's up to the children's parents to make their wish for a safe return.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Family/drama
    Creative Notes:
    Do you believe God still works miracles in life? You will when God grants one wish per recipient from St. Patrick's shillelagh. The ancient 4th century saint returns to Earth and helps individuals in dire circumstances overcome all obstacles to strengthen their faith and hope for the future.
  • Script 1 - Emmett's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    (drama) in the style of Touched by an Angel and Highway to Heaven. Individuals are granted one wish by St. Patrick's walking stick according to God's plan for the person.