Creator: Makozzas22 mm
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
Based on true events. We believe that you are able to make a good movie from it.
Synopsis: An Athlete Lukas is living good life. Everything goes well. . He is a winner of many competitions, have a lot of friends, good-looking girl. Everyone likes him, because he is successful. Votes show, that he become the main pretender to be sportsmen of the year. Usually Lukas spend his time with his friends and girlfriend. Popularity gives him many possibilities, which he uses in university to get better grades. His training coach is giving him the best trainings to achieve his full potential. In the last half year Lukas won his last five competitions. This situation led to contender's coaches willing to take more action to prevent Lukas' winnings. One Lukas' contender’s Matt coach Jim is trying to convince doping controller to make Lukas' blood test. Doping commission was convinced, that Lukas is using doping, because it is impossible to win so many important games. Coaches were convinced that it is impossible to stay fit all the season.

Meanwhile Lukas with his coach Teddy is preparing for the game. Lukas knows that following competition will be very important, because it will be going to have big impact to the votes of choosing sportsman of the year. Coach Teddy is trying to give inspiration talks and support for Lukas to raise his desire to brake new records. Lukas girlfriend is also coming in all Lukas's trainings. He spends his free time in nightclubs, shopping centres, cinemas with his friends together. One week is left until the competition. Matt coach Jim is planning for a while, that his relative will be going to take a place as doping controller. He made that happen. Jim relative was asked to take blood from Lukas and make the blood test. Lukas has done the blood test and waited for results. In meantime, Lukas won his last competition. He starts to celebrate the victory with his coach and friends and feel that sportsman title of the years is close. Suddenly the drug test results appeared to be positive and everything started to go fall apart. Lukas has got a disqualification from professional sport for five years. Most of the friends stated that they suspected about the doping, Lukas girlfriend suddenly become busy for the friendship.

Lukas feels, that contender's coach did something with drug test controller. Lukas has only the suspicious without proves. He understands that he can not do anything. Lukas was watching hardly how that contender’s coach was talking to his coach per training. He felt rage and he could not focus and train well. Tense between Lukas and his coach is rising. Lukas starts to want better trainings to improve more, but coach is ignorant and says to him that he does not have enough potential. Young stars of coach is very glad about the trainings. Coach pays more attention to them. Finally Lukas left the coach and decided to train alone. He wanted to feel freedom and it took him to the challenges, which were difficult. Rain, snow, wind or heat did not prevent him to take his goals. He made his training program by himself. Lukas starts to look for an agent, who could help him to compete in world class competitions. Many of the agents ignore Lukas, because of his drug positive test, forgets about his dominance last year. Lukas understands that everyone do not want to recognize his potential. His ex girlfriend does not talk to him , his friends ignores him. That separates him from community and leaves well relations only with couple friends and his grandparents. Close relations with his older coach Jonas makes him good friend of Lukas. Quite old coach Jonas believes Lukas' potential and Lukas asks him to be his coach and help him to train. Old coach Jonas was not ordinary coach. He trains him differently from standards, options of moves. His family and his friends believes in him and convinces him not to give up. Strong believe and will makes Lukas to find new ways to improve and to look new ideas to get better in athletics. Lukas starts to have relations with one girl from athletics. They starting to like each other. First of all Lukas does not want to start new relations, but he feels a girl is special and he decides to try. After a while Lukas grandmother has died. That was a difficult time to Lukas. Everyone tried to support him emotionally. This disaster helped them to stay even stronger together. Five years changed Lukas very much. His thoughts about life, relations, aims. Most important thing was that he become even stronger after that time.

After 5 years

Lukas was at the nightclub with his new girlfriend. He sees his old girlfriend there too, but Lukas
does not react. Lukas passes through his ex girlfriend, when he leaves nightclub. He pretends, that he does not know her. After a while Lukas hears about the Athletic's competition in California. Lukas recognizes, that this is the chance to take over everything again. Lukas' girlfriend is very excited about the competition. They decide to go there. It will give them new experience. Visiting the California, the ocean gives the new start to their relationship and fresh minds to the preparation for the competition. Lukas looks at the contender's list. There are the names of all most biggest Lukas' contenders. It does not frightening Lukas at all. He proved that one time. Will prove it another one as well.

Competing. He shows his best performance of all time. New training style and experience helped him a lot. He breaks his record and wins the 60 sprint competition. Most of contenders are stunned of Lukas show. Their coaches cannot believe that. Lukas and his girlfriend celebrates. They understand that it will help Lukas to take back everything again.

Lukas is in the changing room. Movie director comes to the room. He was looking for the young star to his new movie. He offers a role for Lukas about high school sportsman, but Lukas decides to tell his story to the director. It looks very entertaining for the Director. Director looks surprised. He says to Lukas, that he will tell his colleagues about it. After one month Lukas gets the letter from
the movie studio. Director invites Lukas to talk about the movie details. Lukas goes there. He sees the new movie script. There is Lukas' story about the doping controller and contender's coaches. Movie studio decides to pay Lukas' and his girlfriend's bills for the living in USA. Lukas thinks, that it is the remarkable idea to learn something new. His girlfriend likes it too. They accept the offer.
Lukas spends two months in acting school. After that movie studio decides to give a contract to Lukas. Lukas looks more self-confident in front of the camera. Movie producer said, that Lukas is very talented actor and he is very good at it. After six months of filming the movie is finished. Contract money let Lukas’ to buy the house in the California, his girlfriend gets good job in beauty salon. Lukas has new ideas for his life, but everyone convinces Lukas not to rush and wait for the movie premiere. The movie comes to the theatres. Movie is brilliant! It is unexpected success! Critics nominates it for two oscars. After two months there will be the oscar's ceremony. At the ceremony movie's script wins a nominee for the best screenplay and Lukas decides to stay in acting.

After 10 years Lukas and his girlfriend still lives in California. They do have two kids. A boy and a girl. Lukas has a lot of money and decides to become a movie producer by his own. He also has a firm, that looks for the new sport stars and trains them. Lukas decides to invest money to his city athletic centre to improve the conditions to train for the young sportsmen. Lukas also gives a charity. He is looking for homeless people and gives them conditions to live and work for Lukas. He also gives them a chance to make money in acting. He offers them a roles in his movies. They are making money and helping poor people too like Lukas.

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