sowed that mow

Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
A young 18 years go with a whore of a gift by his father, after 25 years the young married and his wife has sex with his son,
how this happens and what will happen after making DOWNLOAD to see.
Synopsis: mow that sowed

begins in 1990 with the birthday of a young(name ,chris) 18 years old from a wealthy family, after the feast on his birthday at the end of the evening the father makes the gift a young prostitute to have sex for to get his virgin and to become a man. after that chris he go to college at Harvard studied economics and when he finish the movie go to 2007 and see the young man has taken the company from his father and make doubles profits for last 5 years and to 2012 he meets (name eva) the woman of his life and marry the August 2013 . After the wedding for two years trying to have children but did not succeed, after examining the results showed that blame the spouse ( the seed from chris is weak) ,the movie go to 2015and the eva realizes that will not keep the their marriage and she decides to find a man to go with him for a night to getting pregnant . the eva ask For Help from a girlfriend explains the wants to find a guy to be healthy with athletic body. Her girlfriend found a boyfriend 25 years and playing basketball.The girlfriend tried very hard to convince her boyfriend to help the married couple not to take divorce. When eva saw George she likes and immediately booked the appointment and that he would call him a day ago when they are in fertile days ( ovulation) to get pregnant,and go with him it three times for three days to make sex to be sure will become pregnant and on the same days making sex with her husband. which it did a few days later found with the young at his home and asked by George to drink than two drinks because they're embarrassed to have sex with him, she asked him to have sex with clothes on not feel something for one another and then pulled out the bag of two masks and asked him to wear the sex. This happened the first time, the second time asked the moment who have sex take of the clothes and keep only the masks ,the woman seemed pleasant . On the third day the woman make wild and possible sex After a month she do tests and see they are pregnant, Cheerful awaits her husband and after having announced the good news in the evening to celebrate went to a restaurant to eat . The chris next day something did not sit well and so go his doctor to do tests and see that there has not changing something exams and explains the doctor to chris This kid can not be yours .After some time take from child blood and go to the doctor for examination of DNA, after a day the doctor invited him to the hospital to the communication results, and she went immediately, when he told him Congratulations the child is yours and that miracles happen. the wonders happy go home and explain to his wife that I had doubted for the child and made clandestine DNA and requesting asked to forgive him .the spouse take blood from the child and with george go together for test DNA, the results come out a day later and the doctor says that man (george) is the father of the children, then the woman after much thought thinks that the man on the feign to see reaction them and he knows that the child not his, of telling the truth She told him all about george and asks him to divorce and the Forgive. he did not believe his wife because he did test DNA and that the child is his and believe that divorce cam from her because she loves the (boy) george , angry and blurred for this so what happens he pay to someone and kill the george. One day the george go from home to the gym happened an accident with the bike and he die .The chris having remorse for the young boy the next day went to the funeral of the young, by passing to concrete church in the mother of boy (george)for the Condolences her and just sees chris hug him and weeping of said ear that the young in the coffin is his son and that he had stayed pregnant in the evening birthday at age 18, was the young prostitute did his father gift, and then when she got pregnant he left New York to LA, and after college he was transferred to play basketball in New York, Chris then fainted, when he woke up the next morning he left the hospital and went to his office and crying shouting why this happened. So they have the same DNA chris and george. After which it happened for a week was every day closed in office and drunk whiskey, went one morning his father and told him that this has to stop. then explained to his father what had happened to that kid that brave to his wife is not his son but his grandchild, and just told him what had happened that killed his son, who had without knowing he had done with the yoyng porn then his father had a heart attack and died. After the funeral of his father and after hid the truth about the became from 1990 until today asked his wife currently don't take divorce, He told Eve that love too much and he wants to grow old together, she accepted and embraced him and kissed him, The next morning the chris went to his grave george lit a candle and his promise to his son grew up to be like his own child, The following days gave the child the name George and LIVE FOREVER sweetheart.
the end ( sorry for my english)

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