Angelic Wars

Creator: Marcus Mosley
Age rating: Everyone
Chronicles the war in Heaven between the forces of God and the forces of Lucifer with the faith of mankind hanging in the balance!
Synopsis: Angelic Wars is an epic adventure screenplay with larger than life characters and a very human dilemma at its heart. Everyone knows what took place in the beginning, but what they don’t know is what happened before the beginning… God created the heavens and the earth, and darkness were upon the face of the deep, but within the deep were Demons. And the demons had dominion over the entire world. In preparation for the coming of mankind, God had to rid the earth of the Demons infestation.

So God summoned his most beloveds and the most powerful of all his angels, Lucifer, and with his closest friend Lavarius at his side, they led the angels into a devastating battle against the demon horde. After countless millenniums of war, the angels are victorious and bound the demons into the Abyss. But when the smoke clears, the cost of the war were so much more than Lucifer could have possibly imagined, the annihilation of half the heavenly host. Legion after legions of angels, completely destroyed and all they were, gone forever, including the female angel Lucifer loved.

When Lucifer witness this, he felt betrayed that God would allow this to happen. How could a God he loved and trusted allow so many angels to perish for the sake of mankind? So rage and bitterness fills his being, causing him to turn against God. But not only did Lucifer turn against God, but 1/3rd of the heavenly host sided with Lucifer over their creator, plunging heaven into a civil war that leads to Lucifer’s followers imprisonment in hell and his own banishment to earth, cursed to walk among mankind until the end of days.

Lucifer is determined to find the Tablet used to imprison his army and release them once again in the world of men! But the Demon Horde also seek the tablet to release the Demon Horde from the abyss!

The only thing stands between the forces of Lucifer and the Demon Horde escaping their imprisonment is Lavarius who also was banished to earth along with Lucifer.

Will Lavarius turn his back on mankind and God, or will he defend the world against those who seek to destroy it?

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