Blood of the Dead

Creator: Charles Moritz
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
Years after the zombie apocalypse, a young girl and her brother join other survivors in search of a voice promising refuge deep in the mountains –they soon find it is a prison fortress where once inside, their worst nightmares are realized.
Synopsis: Years after civilization is destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, LAURA and her young brother JACOB join a desperate group of survivors searching for a safe place to build a new life. While traveling through the desolate zombie-infested landscape, they pick up a voice on a radio promising refuge and hope in a fortified community deep in the Rocky Mountains. The group soon finds the community has converted a prison into a fortress that is run by THE WARDEN, a charming, intelligent leader who promises the survivors security. But Laura and the remaining survivors quickly discover the Warden’s true intentions are their worst nightmares.

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