Destination Unknown

Creator: Laura L Lee
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
The Wizard of Oz meets the world of 1980s MTV in this nostalgic comedy.
Synopsis: One rainy night in 2002, Dorothy Gale, an overworked and underpaid 30-something middle manager comes home during an electrical storm. The only bright spot in her evening is an 80s video retrospective on cable TV. Speaking on her cell phone, she tells a friend that she wishes she could return to the early 80s and live in the world of MTV. Thanks to a well-timed bolt of lightning and a little video magic, Dorothy is zapped into the television and into the action of an early 80s video.

Dorothy dhas knocked The Queen of Pop, a Madonna-like character, off of the MTV news, thus creating an enemy. Dorothy heads off on a journey to Paradise City down Electric Avenue, a sidewalk that lights up as she steps on it. There she plans to meet the New Artist, who may have the power to get her back to 2002 where she can check her e-mail.

On the way she encounters Boy, an androgynous character, at a crossroads. “Some people do go that way. Of course, some people do go that way. But then, some people do go both ways.” Metal Man, a heavy metal rocker frozen in a guitar solo pose until he is given a spritz of hair spray, and Pop, a strikingly handsome Duran Duran type who laments, “If I only had some fame.” The team agrees to travel to Paradise City together.

There the New Artist (like Milli Vanilli) tells the travelers that in order to get the fame they seek, they must get the Grammy Award away from the Queen of Pop. The travelers make a plan to capture the Grammy by either forming a band and making a hit video or by melting her with water. The Queen uses flying Wild Boys to capture Dorothy. Inside the castle, The Queen turns over a giant hourglass with the words “15 Minutes” on the side. The Queen explains that when the time runs out, so will Dorothy’s fame, and in this world, when you are no longer seen, you cease to exist.

The protagonists capture the Queen’s Grammy and return to Paradise City. This time, as the New Artist speaks, he repeats a line over and over like a stuck record. When Dorothy pulls aside a curtain, she sees a band there. “Pay no attention to that band behind the curtain,” says the New Artist. The New Artist has to admit that he has no musical ability or magic powers. He gives the Grammy back to the band and changes his name to an unpronounceable symbol.

The band plays one song together and then Glenda reappears. She tells Dorothy she had the power to go back all along. Dorothy follows her instructons, and returns to her stressful 2002 life. Once there, she realizes the error of her ways. She puts her hand on the screen and calls out to Glenda. “I want to come back and stay for good this time.” She is zapped back into the 80s video world and onto the Duran Duran style boat where she rides off into the sunset draped in blue cloth.

The End

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