Ghost Train

Creator: Milli Thornton
Age rating: 17 and older
To evade his fear of modern women, a model train nut rides the ghost of the Chili Line back to the Wild West, where his quest for innocence is dynamited by the local sheriff, used as a decoy by his only ally and tested at gunpoint after he finally sees the true face of love.
Synopsis: BERNARD “BOOGEY” WILMORE, 24, prefers to tinker with his toy trains rather than participating in the evils of the world. He longs for an era of purity and feels resistance to his overtly sexual fiancée, as well as his artsy-fartsy father and nude-model mother.

In disgust with the way he lives in an old-fashioned fantasy world, Boogey’s fiancée calls off their engagement. He sees her with another man only 24 hours later; by then he’s ready to bail when he encounters a ghost train that can cross between the past and the present.

The ghost train transports him to 1898 Embudo, New Mexico. There he falls in love with flawless Spanish beauty, SOPHIA CASTILLO, whose father has promised her hand in marriage to the local sheriff, EDWARD MISKELLY.

With the aid of CHOKECHERRY MANDELL, a horse-loving, train-loving tomboy, Boogey saves Sophia from bondage to Miskelly by traveling back to the future with her on the ghost train. Though Boogey initially adores Sophia, he’s repelled by how quickly she transforms into a modern woman. When Boogey finds Sophia modeling nude in his father’s art class, he flees present-day Santa Fe and returns to Embudo and 1898 without his ideal woman.

Boogey realizes the feelings he had for Sophia were actually intended for Chokecherry. But there are dangers and obstacles that hinder him from declaring his love.

He learns the hard way that Miskelly and Chokecherry have a five-year-old son, OSCAR, the result of abduction during a robbery. Train robber disguised as local sheriff, Miskelly keeps Chokecherry a prisoner with invisible walls by barring access to her own son. Chokecherry schemes to rescue Oscar from Miskelly, but she doesn’t trust Boogey to help her achieve this. She even plans to use him as a decoy.

Despite its conflicted start – including Chokecherry’s lack of respect for Boogey’s life skills – Boogey’s attempts to fight for the freedom of mother and son prove his love is real. In a final battle with Miskelly onboard the ghost train, Boogey is forced to confront himself and decide whether compromising his ideals is worth the opportunity to go for love . . . even if it doesn’t come in the demure and prettified package he thought he wanted.

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