The Grimples

Creator: michael allstadt
Age rating: Everyone
New creatures with tremendous marketing potential. The Grimples is a childrens story about an adventure that turns the underdog into a hero. It will need to be narrated (Anthony Hopkins?)as it was written as a book. The core message is a positive one to believe in yourself.
Synopsis: Interview between John Stossel and the Grimples about their newly released Memes. Dimple, Manzi and Wixel are seated from left to right in little actors chairs across from John Stossel :;
John Stossel: we're here live, just outside of Grimple Woods and we're going to pick a few Grimple brains about their new Memes. First up we have Dimple, Dim.... Where's he going?
Wixel: he's afraid you want to eat his brain
John Stossel: really? Well, why didn't you run?
Wixel: Read my Meme
John Stossel: touché...what about you Manzi? You didn't run either
Manzi: I'm cool
Offscreen voice: no no, it's ok, I promise he's one of the good guys
John Stossel: ok, we got him back. Sorry to frighten you Dimple
Dimple: no worries
John Stossel: Dimple, your Meme is about friendship. Is friendship important to you?
Dimple: yes, isn't it to you?
John Stossel: well, yes...
Dimple: then why'd you ask?
John Stossel: sorry
[Dimple whispers into Manzi's ear]
Dimple: (unintelligible whisper)
Manzi: yeah bud, he's alright
Dimple: no worries
John Stossel: thank you
Dimple: you're welcome
[period of Silence]
John Stossel: ok, let's try to get back on track. I want you to tell my audience about your new Meme.
Dimple: what audience ?
Manzi: you better let me take it from here. We don't want him to know how many people are gonna see this
John Stossel: I think you're right.
Manzi: so what do wanna know?
John Stossel: well, manzi, tell me about your meme.
Manzi: hey, like, you know, ... it's cool...
John Stossel: yeah, I know. That's actually what it says.
Manzi: what what says?
John Stossel: your meme.
Manzi: I have a meme?
John Stossel: that's why we're here... To discuss it...
Dimple: ooh ooh, hey Manzi, tell him about the time we....
Manzi: it's my turn to talk now little buddy.
Dimple: OK
Manzi: thanks bud
Dimple: no worries
Manzi: I love this little guy
John Stossel: "who doesn't? (Nervous laugh)
Wixel: that would be me
John Stossel: yes... Wixel may I ask you...
Dimple: Wise Wixel! Sorry to interrupt, but You shouldn't leave that part out.. Because he is... Wise... You know?
John Stossel: sorry
Dimple: no worries
John Stossel : ok, could we maybe get him out of here?
Offscreen voice: hey Dimple, you want an iced tea?
Manzi: later bud
Dimple: oh yes please...
[Dimple has left the interview area]
John Stossel: Wixel
Wixel: Wise Wixel
John Stossel: Wise Wixel...
Do I really have to say that?
Wixel: I knew this was a bad idea
John Stossel: Now where's he going?!?!?
Manzi: you insulted him. You're lucky I didn't walk out when you wouldn't let Dimple talk.
John Stossel: so why are you still here?
Manzi: it was fun and I could see the end coming before we even started, so I saw it through... Later man...
[End interview...]

MEMES may be viewed here-

Latest Work

  • Storyboard 1 - Real world animation
    Launch storyboard
    Creative Notes:
    Grimples are animated creatures with larger than life personalities filmed in real world settings and backgrounds.
  • Script 1 - michael's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    In this version, the story speaks for itself. It is a story childrens' story that is demanding to be a film. As you read, envision Anthony Hopkins as the narrator with the voices of the characters as their own.