Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: Everyone
Two directors - a slasher film hack and a Hollywood-endorsed prodigy - find themselves trapped by a mysterious third director, and competing to provide the best death scenes to this show biz ghoul before they both end up on the cutting room floor.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Derek LeClair - ex slasher film titan - barges in on the abandoned movie theater set of a young auteur's first horror feature. Derek resents this wunderkind's quick success, and is determined to return to his own former glory with a brilliant new script. Written by his production assistant's mother.

Joe Orpheo - rising star director with a sophisticated asthetic - is charmed by a beautiful unknown actress, auditioning for a small role. He offers her the lead, along with romantic overtures. She accepts - both - and they head off to a run-down vaudeville hall/movie theater of a bygone era. The set of his first horror feature.

Derek discovers Joe camping out in the theater - leading lady and crew gone - and obviously insane.

With his producer, PA and talent missing, Derek confronts Joe and is regaled with the horrifying news that Joe's cast and crew, as well as Derek's collaborators, have all been selected to die for the camera - by a mysterious third Director.

Joe keeps creating death scenes for the Director, but always seems to fall short of capturing the required grisly style and content. Joe’s high art, not low brow. Derek takes over the project.

Derek cuts a deal with this mysterious Director - returning Derek's people to life in exchange for the best death scenes ever. Derek promises an endless supply of carnage for this Director's pleasure. This selfless act dooms Derek to an eternity of slasher film madness. The first victim of his new project - Joe Orpheo.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - test trailer from feature shoot
    Creative Notes:
    This is the trailer for the DIE FOR THE CAMERA test movie, "OUT GO THE LIGHTS", completed in July 2011. The revised and polished script became DIE FOR THE CAMERA, and the setting was expanded to accommodate a larger budget and better support the story.
  • Script 1 - David C.C.'s Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Original 1st draft