As You Wish

Creator: Ryan James
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
Waiters start playfully abusing customers of their lame "Arabian Nights" theme restaurant, but when they become the hottest place in town for masochistic crowds that can't get enough abuse, their raging success becomes more than they wished for.
Synopsis: Allison Barnell has too much on her plate. With her Arabian Nights theme restaurant struggling for business; with a pathologically shy older brother who can’t take care of himself, let alone his section; and with a charming, intellectual head waiter making her dizzy with love, she desperately needs a change. So when a shocking experience inspires her to turn her backs on the rules of good customer service, that change comes with a vengeance.

Throwing caution to the wind, Allison encourages a bold new policy: her staff will behave as they please, putting themselves before service, and if you don’t like it, you can leave. As Edward the social critic gathers a crew of like-minded regulars, and as Archie amuses lovers of slapstick, business begins to gather steam. But when a revenge-seeking food critic encourages customers to “explore their dark side”, the spectacle attracts a more far more aggressive crowd. Allison, Edward and Archie, armed with self-confidence yet falling victim to their own demons, soon turn against each other as they inspire episodes both touching and grotesque.

From insults to awkward behavior, from humiliation to sadomasochistic abuse, As You Wish becomes the hottest place in town as the roles of master and servant are reversed with cruel and often dangerous results. But as the place rises in popularity, so rises the intensity by which these new "masters" are obliged to control their "submissives".

But with a mentally unstable regular, with a crowd demanding more of a spectacle by the day, and with Allison not having stepped foot outside the restaurant in months, one wonders how far this “raging success” will go.

As You Wish is a one-location black comedy that will satisfy your hunger for the bizarre, yet leave you starving for more. But while there's something on the menu for everybody, you'd better be careful what you wish for...

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