In the Mind's I

Age rating: 13 and older
What if the person you loved most was secretly controlling your thoughts, your memories, and even your identity?
Synopsis: Laura and Owen are a perfect couple – happy, successful, in love – until an strange intruder breaks into their home and attacks Laura. In the struggle, Owen accidentally kills the intruder. As he’s dying, the intruder looks at Laura and says “I love you, Elizabeth.”

Shaken from the encounter, Laura can’t stop thinking about what the intruder said. She becomes obsessed with finding the enigmatic “Elizabeth.” She soon learns that Owen knows more about “Elizabeth” than he pretends. A web of lies starts to unravel…

Laura discovers that Owen has been conducting secret brainwashing experiments to alter a person’s thoughts, memories, and even their identity. “Elizabeth” was one of Owen’s hapless victims. But who is she? Laura’s obsession with finding Elizabeth culminates in a terrible discovery… SHE is Elizabeth. Laura isn’t Owen’s wife. She isn’t the person she thinks she is.

Laura begins to recall memories of her true self, including her two children – James and Jessica. Uncertain about whether they’re still alive, Laura (Elizabeth) sets out to find them. But Owen has other plans for her… He imprisons Laura and brainwashes her for the second time. This time, we see the harrowing experience as Owen erases Laura’s memories and implants a new identity.

But Laura’s will to find her true self is powerful. Thus begins a deadly struggle with the man she once thought she loved. Laura must escape from Owen and save her children before they are lost forever. But to do that, she must somehow break free from the invisible prison of her own mind.

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