"Every Last Drop" Trailer

Creator: Arpad Kovesdy
Age rating: 13 and older
A dystopian trailer (free standing) about a bleak future, one without enough freshwater remaining.
Synopsis: Time: Future (Date is 2060)

Setting: Most humans live in either Northern Greenland and Antarctica (mostly very rich people and middle class) while the poor live in parts of the world where there is very little freshwater left.

A group of scientists that survived in Cairo, Egypt to solve the problem of desalination.

Background: In 2018, the United Nations create a global mandate to cut off public water supplies by every government. A world war breaks out over water for farming while populations are starving. Then, in present day, it cuts to the actual setting.

The ideal place to live: the poles (which contain people living in Northern Greenland and Antarctica)
The rest of the world is given distributions, and one day, their supplies run out, even with enough water at the poles

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