Hand-Eye-Man Discovers Planet Earth

Creator: John O. Graybill
Age rating: Everyone
This is an animated trailer of a feature-length computer generated imagery (CGI) film centered on a startling and whimsical adventures about the discovery of earth-people by highly intelligent alien beings who are like us, but very different from us.
Synopsis: "Mitt’s A Handful" Animated Feature Film Project

"Mitt’s a Handful" will be a feature-length animated computer generated imagery (CGI) film centered on a startling and whimsical adventure about a young precocious handeyeboy™ who, despite good intentions, finds himself in trouble with his parents and the government -- something like “Dennis the Menace” on steroids -- when he accidentally teleports a human boy from Earth to his own home planet -- think "ET" in reverse. Because this story is about, and centers on, an alien, but sentient, and highly intelligent, population of similar, but very different beings looking at humanity, all of the Handeyeman® projects provide an opportunity for children and young adults to look at themselves from an outside perspective. Imagine the possibilities of formulating answers to questions HandEyePeople™ might ask about earthlings regarding everything from why we look the way we do, to matters of social processes and constraints, to matters of math and science.

The trailer depicts and hints at some of the special features of handeyepeople™. For example each handeyeperson™ is able to "see" what his or her eyeball sees even when their eyeball is not being held in their hand. This separated viewing capability works reasonably well up to about 100 meters of separation. At around 100 meters, the ability begins to breakdown and completely fails at about 200 meters.

Each handeyeperson™ has five brains: four of the brains are housed in the four finger knuckles where the fingers join the body of the hand, and the fifth brain is housed in the thumb knuckle where the thumb joins the body of the hand. Consequently, their knuckles are slightly more pronounced than earthling knuckles because they house both ball-and-socket bones and brain tissue. The five brains operate something like a local-area-network in that each "knuckle-brain" is specialized and is interconnected with the other four by means of nerve bundles. While earthlings have one large brain, theirs is no more, and perhaps slightly less, powerful than the five combined brains of the typical handeyeperson™.

The interface between any particular handeyeperson™ and his or her eyeball is absolutely unique much like earthling fingerprints. The interface on the hand-palm and the eyeball looks something like matching multi-colored ink blots overlaying an array of tiny probes and receptacles (think Velcro) for data and fluid transfer. When separated from each other, the probes withdraw and along with the receptacles, close tightly and self-seal. Consequently, a handeyeperson™ who might have lost his or her eyeball, and who is beyond the 200 meter maximum separation distance from the eyeball, would be blind and could not regain his or her vision simply by holding some other individual’s eyeball. This is so because the vision data that is transmitted from the eyeball to the hand is encrypted based on the DNA of the individual. While handeyepeople™ are able to see even when not physically holding their eyeball, seeing while "out-of-hand" requires more energy than seeing while having a good grip on the eyeball and leads to more rapid fatigue.

Since each handeyeperson™ has only one eye, their vision is monocular. However, when anxious, agitated, threatened, or nervous, they will make rapid (almost bird-like), movements snapping to the right and left. They do this to, (sort of), take a snapshot of the environment and store the image, (from one side), in one or more of their brains and then overlay that image with one from the other side. This procedure somewhat simulates the stereoscopic vision they would have if they had two eyes.

The Handeyeman® story centers on a handeyefamily™ of four: the father "Ham", the mother "Manusa", the oldest child (a boy) "Mitt", and the youngest child (a girl) "Succoria." The family's last name is "Foursight". Ham is a cosmologist and astronomer who, along with two of his colleagues ("Hatchet" and "Timorous") discovered the existence of the planet Earth. While the planet Earth is about 150 light-years from the planet "Glometor™" (glom eh tor), where the handeyepeople™ live, Ham and his associates are able to monitor radio and television waves from Earth in near real-time through a recently discovered wormhole that has ends close to Earth and Glometor™. In fact, at certain times of the Glometor™ year, it is possible to actually see Earth, some of its cities, and roads through the wormhole by using powerful telescopes.

Glometor™ is very much like Earth being about the same size, and about the same distance from its sun, having about the same seasons, and having an atmosphere about the same as the Earth. The discovery of Earth and its very strange sentient creatures, the human beings who live there, is shocking and upsetting to Ham and his two colleagues. In the past the culture of the handeyepeople™ has been very hard on members of their society who have shown any interest in the possibility of the existence of sentient beings living on other planets. In fact, it was just a few hundred years ago that handeyepeople™ were beaten and imprisoned for suggesting the possibility that intelligent life might exist on other planets. They fear that if information about the discovery of the earthlings is released too quickly it will cause a huge upheaval throughout the world of the handeyepeople™. They believe that riots would break out, wars could be started, and that they would be attacked and/or subject to arrest. Consequently, Ham and his two colleagues have agreed to keep the discovery a secret between the three of them for the time being until they have had some time to think about the ramifications of announcing their discovery and until they can agree just how they will go about making the announcement. Indeed, they have agreed to not tell their boss "Knuckleman" or their families. They believe that the premature release of their discovery could result in physical harm to themselves and their families.

The target audience for Handeyeman® films includes children, teenagers, and young adults
who are savvy science fiction fans, who are curious and interested in how things work, in
how people behave, and what creatures do and what they think. The vision is that
the combination of the unusual physical configuration of the Handeyepeople™, their special
characteristics and operating rules, and excellent writing by talented screen writers,
will keep audiences all over the world wanting more as they ponder issues, conundrums,
and paradoxes that occurred to them while watching this film.

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