Locker 13: Anthology Of Fear

Creator: Sean Ryan
Age rating: 17 and older
A kidnapping, a time traveler, a vengeful cop, an obsessed ex lover, an insane killer, a doomed love affair, all linked by a mysterious locker 13.
Synopsis: An anthology feature film comprised of six separate stories. Each of the stories connected by characters and a locker #13. Each chapter follows similar themes of thriller/suspense/horror. Linked by common events and characters that overlap and intertwine. Inspired by classic Twilight Zone tv series/movie.

Chapter 1: Reality Games: A man is caught up in a deadly game with an unknown man who has kidnapped his younger brother.

Chapter 2: Picture Perfect Memories: A grieving son discovers he can teleport into old family pictures and travel back in time, but discovers living in the past can affect his own future.

Chapter 3: Work Practices: A detective attempts to motivate his team before the clock runs out for an abducted child, but is he already too late?

Chapter 4: Dangerous Games: An obsessed man kidnaps his ex-girlfriend, but ends up losing a little more than he bargained for.

Chapter 5: Diagnosis: A man awakens in a padded cell and is told he has murdered everyone he ever knew, yet for some reason he can't remember anything.

Chapter 6: Inappropriate impropriety: A student and teacher affair ends tragically after the student is assigned a new school locker.

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