Seven and Two Thirds

Creator: attic4fester
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
Everyone knows that everybody in prison is innocent. What is not known is that not only did Steve Appleton not commit the crime of which he was accused, but the crime for which he has been sent to prison for seven and two thirds years of his young life never even happened.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Tall, handsome, blond-haired man, heavy in his youth, but slimmed down over time. Raised by abusive, racist parents, Steve rises above his beginnings and everything he was always told he would never achieve. Leaves home as a teenager to escape the harsh treatment of his parents, especially his father who beat him with an extension cord while his mother watched until he surpassed his father’s height on the way to his 6 ft. At first, Steve's plan had nothing to do with his family, but was about revenge for his situation. As time went by, his plan became one of proving his family -- namely his father -- wrong about him and about people in general.

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