Search for Eurydice (uri-dee-chee)

Creator: Karl Peter Smith
Age rating: Everyone
Orpheus is reincarnated in the present and seizes a second chance to rescue of his wife from the Underworld. An epic all-in wager where a malignant and benign god have everything to lose on the outcome. Aiding or hindering, they all join the Search for Eurydice(uri-dee-chee)
Synopsis: Search for Eurydice (uri-dee-chee)

ORPHEUS (minstrel of the Argonauts) in mourning plays his most sorrowful song drawing tears from the very eyes of those who rule over the Dead.

HADES (King) and PERSEPHONE (Queen of the Underworld) give him one chance to rescue his dead wife, but he must stick to one certain rule: To not look back as he ascends to the surface world.

If he breaks this rule she will be lost forever.

He did not succeed and she was lost…
…until now.

APHRODITE reincarnates Orpheus in the present… and proposes a wager of mythic proportion…

…if Orpheus cannot succeed in rescuing his wife from the Underworld HERMES (Usher of the Dead & Giver of Gifts to Mortal Men) must surrender all of his powers!

Will the Valley of Acherusia (the only known way for a living being to reach the Underworld) hold his wife forever? -- Or can the ARGONAUTS help him succeed in finding what is so out-of-reach of mortal man?

A new, much DEADLIER guardian awaits in the Underworld, ready to greet anyone foolish enough to attempt a rescue -- and trust me she is one hell of a beauty.

Argonautica Orphica continues…

Based upon 'Search for Eurydice' by Hesiod & 'Argonautica Orphica' by Apollonius.

Search for Eurydice is a story that will appeal to general readers and classicists alike: suitable for lovers of fiction and non-fiction.

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