Age rating: Everyone
In 9040, on a planet called ACEON, guardian robots recreate humans. But, conflict follows prosperity when Kidd tries to capture the leader of REVO robots, taking this war to another galaxy to save newborn humans.
Synopsis: In the twentieth century, Earth's inhabitants were killed by a nuclear holocaust. The government knew exactly what was happening, hence, they created a underground laboratory. Five hundred miles below Earth's surface, the scientific laboratory built ROBOTS. Not the ordinary robots, but immaculate, agile, warfare, machines that were adaptable to any environment. Presumably, they appeared similar to humans, but underneath the artificial skin were electronic wiring and artificial intelligence beyond any known computers. Scientist Marr and Kleck watched the demise of mankind and vowed to continue their research. To develop a better robot, that could turn around and CREATE mankind. Thousands of years later, in the year 9040, after their deaths, Arthur Temple and Benjamin Free were the first of all robots. They were known as the ELDERS. Setting examples for all built machine robots.
After time, they created man's world. With thousands of robots duplicating the exact buildings and monuments of the year 2000. After their creative construction, they formed a society of Robots. Their government consisted of Congressional Representatives, Authority robots, Military robots and Workers. Each robot knew their program and they strived to retain that moment in time where they can bring an Evolution to mankind.
Once Congress passed the Evolution Law, they would be able to create mankind from thousands of collected specimens, that were secretly hidden in the ARCHIVES laboratory. Therefore, commencing Arthur and Benjamin to create an new world for humans.
Arthur and Benjamin wasn't satisfied with Earth's condition and they set forth to find a prosperous planet called, ACEON. Upon building futuristic spaceships, Arthur and Benjamin traveled many times and many years to bring produce and livable conditions for any species.
Their acquaintance ADAM BLOK assisted with specimens, and spaceship constructions. As he would be their friend for life, since he sponsored most of the research.
But, within the society of robots, within the Worker Robots, a robot under the name, EDDIE MORWETO, an negative antagonist, who believed that mankind had their chance and that the future should not be held for their prosperity.
Throughout the years, EDDIE decided to build his organization, to conquer the quest for creation.
His thousand robot troops obeyed his every command, even when they captured him and disposed of EDDIE MORWETO. The REVO ROBOTS retailiated and fought with the government to destroy and demolish ROBOT CITY.
Their luck changed when the REVO ROBOTS retrieved EDDIE's memory chip and rebuilt him, even better than before. From which, they wreaked havoc and tried to locate the human specimens.
But, in the mighty battle of ROBOTS, the guardian robots were able to escape and journey to ACEON planet. From there, their safety was restored and the guardians began to create mankind.
Yet, the REVO ROBOTS did not discourage the moment. They followed with hundreds of REVO ROBOTS to retrieve a spaceship, to follow them to ACEON.
Many robots were crushed and Aerospace centers were invaded to conquer their counterparts.
KIDD and MORROW had to stop MORWETO and his mercenaries. They obtained many antique military supplies to fight the hundreds of REVO ROBOTS. No matter how big the Revos were, it would take two Military Robots to combat them.
In the last of the battles, EDDIE MORWETO, made it to ACEON. Equipped with a nuclear weapon to destroy the newborn children, he set forth to destroy them and ACEON planet.
But, KIDD and MORROW won't allow him. Their actions saved the planet and the children of human descendents.

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