The Storyteller

Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
After a very dramatic event in his life a very colourful and bubbly writer becomes somber, sad and grey. His life once again changes rapidly when a long forgotten face shows up and tries to put his life in order against his negative reception, while dealing with own drama.
Synopsis: Anna is an orphan living in an orphanage- grey and dull. Once a children’s books writer, Christopher Evans, visits the orphanage and reads to the children from his latest book. He is in complete contrast to the surroundings. He is colourful and looks funny. Anna sinks into the story completely. She imagines every detail from Christopher’s story.
10 years later Anna is a university student and works in an antiquarian bookstore. She is weird and distracted. Her best friend and co-worker, Suzy, is just as strange but more communicative. Once, Christopher visits the store to sell some books. He looks nothing like we saw him earlier. He looks older and moody, grey and dull. Later Anna sees the signature on the agreement sheet and remembers his signature from her own signed book.
She runs out of the bookstore and ends up at Christopher’s house. He is rude and sarcastic and slams the door at her face. However, she is stubborn and keeps coming back until one day she manages to enter the house.
Over time, because of her persistence, they start bonding, although their conversations are sarcastic and ironic.
Ian, a guy that seems to like Anna, warns her about Christopher and tells her how his wife died in a car crush a few years back- the reason Christopher is mad. Anna is shocked. She again starts imagining a story. She is a knight entering a dark cave bringing a lock of hair to a witch in return of a magical elixir. This elixir later on in the story revives the king’s wife, Christopher’s wife Catherine.
Later on Anna interrupts scene how a group of guys on steroids harass a student. Ian defends her when one of them wants to bully her.
Anna and Christopher spend time together and one evening she finds out that he’s been taking pills and insists on knowing what for. Christopher gets angry and throws her out. While at the door Anna sees red sprayed words on the façade of the house ‘Don’t kill her too bitch’, made earlier by the guys that harassed the student. Christopher sees what’s been written too and passes out.
In the hospital Anna finds out that Christopher is seriously ill. From then on she becomes more attentive and they start bonding more.
Meanwhile Anna’s imagination works full speed and in a few occasions we find ourselves drawn into another imaginary story provoked by real life events. One is a result of her date with Ian. In the story she is a kidnapped princess kept in a tall tower. the villains are Ian and his friends dressed like a gang of rockers. She gets dramatically saved by a knight flying on a Pegasus- Christopher. After a thrilling chase with flying horses and a dragon they manage to escape into the light. However, Christopher is stabbed by Ian’s knife.
One day when leaving the bookstore Anna accidentally forgets the keys on the door. Later she gets a call from Mike, the owner of the bookstore, firing her because of severe damages done due to her distraction. As a result she moves in with Christopher because she can’t pay her own bills. Rumors start going around.
After a series of events, including a date and an apology from Ian, loss of her job and apartment and the rumors around town, Christopher is again in the hospital, this time on a dying bed. He shares with Anna his greatest fear of dying in a hospital. He also asks her to tell him one of her own stories. Anna does so. Again very vividly we are back in her imagination. The story is about a brave knight, Christopher, who is locked in a dark cell. His hands are in shackles. For the first time in a long time a ray of light lands on his chest and he feels the strength building up. He manages to break the chains and escape the cell. He runs outside to the high gates of the castle he’s been kept prisoner. Suddenly he looks up and sees his Pegasus. Christopher jumps onto his back and they fly away. At the same time we’re back in reality where we see Anna helping Christopher sit in a wheelchair and taking him away from the hospital room as she is still telling the story. Back in her imagination, in the story, we see Christopher flying on the Pegasus back towards the Magical Kingdom. They land in a beautiful garden with fountains, flowers, birds. Back in reality, Anna and Christopher are in a taxi that pulls up in front of Christopher’s house. Anna supports him as they enter the house. She keeps talking. Back in her imagination: the princess felt her knight was free and awaited him patiently. As Christopher approached her we see the princess in the far. She is beautiful. She is Christopher’s late wife- Catherine. The Knight is exhausted and falls into the princess’ arms. They fall to the ground together. Anna’s words echo saying that the princess was also a fairy and we see big beautiful and gentle wings spread on the Princess’ back and that she could save the knight with one single kiss. The princess leans over the knight to kiss him and as their lips touch we’re back in reality where Anna and Christopher are at the same position as the princess and the knight. Anna has kissed Christopher very lightly. As they’re lips separate the room becomes enchanted. The furniture transforms into pieces of the natural landscape. Anna and Christopher who haven’t moved are now in the magical garden. With some more details added everything blurs. When the picture clears the one sitting beside Christopher is again Catherine.
A new day, Anna is in Christopher’s house picking up some stuff. It is clear that Christopher has passes away. As she leaves the house she sees Ian waiting for her. Without saying a world, he takes the box she’s holding and they start walking side by side. Ian takes Anna’s hand. As they walk everything behind them becomes enchanted while in front of them it is reality.

The script is registered with WGAW

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