Young Shaka Zulu and the Flying Machine

Creator: Walter Corbett
Age rating: Everyone
The Young Shaka is catapulted into a daring rescue. He creates the world's first flying machine and prevents a bloody war between the Zulus and the British.
In the process Shaka lays the foundations of becoming the greatest African warrior and builder of the Zulu Empire .

Synopsis: Action plays off in the Zulu Kingdom in southern Africa . Young Shaka is pitted against an evil vilain who abducts children from the Zulu village and enslaves them to mine gold high in the inaccessible Drakensberg mountains. Shaka, aided by a young female iSangoma (deviner), and a wise old bat construct a flying machine (the first in the world!) to effect the climatic release of the children and the capture of the evil slaver. Things are further complicated by impending conflict between the colorfully atired British army and the boisterous Zulu warriors. Action adventure for young and old...

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Walter's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This children's story is targeted as a comic book and a 15 minute 2D animated movie done in New Retro-style. It focusses on indigenous characters. This concept had not been done before...
    The plan is also to train some 20 previously disadvantaged kids to make the movie.
    A number of additional scripts on other indigenous characters are also ready.