The Getaway Gang

Creator: Ryan James
Age rating: Everyone
An American boy and five Arab kids get caught in a child trafficking ring in Pakistan and must band together to have any chance of escape in this dark-themed but fun-spirited thrill ride.
Synopsis: When the extraordinary thrill-seeker Montgomery Clarke met his untimely death in a plane crash, he left his son Calvin with a vague recollection of his father's fantastic exploits. His wife, the elegant and formidable Katherine Clarke, was left with the zealous mission to shelter her son from the slightest danger. Thus far, she's done an excellent job in moulding Calvin into a meek and mild boy who would jump at his own shadow.

But when visiting India in the summer of 1990, all hell breaks loose when the 8-yr old Calvin is snared by a child-trafficking ring in the insidious underbelly of Bombay. With an ineffectual police force, Katherine must seek out Calvin herself in the dangerous and exotic world of South Asia, suffering the regret that her overprotection has rendered him helpless to help himself.

Traumatized, Calvin is stripped of his very identity in the company of these nefarious lowlifes. But thrown into the fetid confines of the tanker Kilwa destined for Pakistan, Calvin, now in the company of scores of other kidnapped children bound for the slave trade, begins a slow but steady personal transformation: "Calvin the weakling" grows in stature and courage, becoming evermore like his stalwart father. First assembling a rag-tag gang of five, Calvin soon inspires his new-found friends to focus on their one main objective: escape.

From an awkward flight on a lifeboat to a horrific week on a camel jockey farm to an accidental train ride through the barren Pakistani desert, the gang evades their captors as they gallivant about the region, learning to combine their abilities as they strengthen their resolve to reach Katherine in Bombay. But alas, one misadventure leads to another, and despite their countless scrapes with danger, they wind up in the hands of the authorities and are locked up in a Calcutta municipal prison, abandoned and soon forgotten…

…until, at last, their persistent efforts to escape allow them to break free. Contacting a leading children’s organization, the entire bunch is rescued, including Calvin, who is reunited with his mother. Hardly recognizing her son after his transformation and ordeal, Katherine overflows with relief and is inflated with pride that the young Calvin has proven himself truly "extraordinary" – having even outdone his father and the Clarke family name.

A family action/adventure set throughout the whole of South Asia, with tones of Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom and Golding's Lord of the Flies, The Getaway Gang is a warm-spirited thrill ride that promotes cultural solidarity and explores the evolution from the helpless to the heroic.

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