The Alpha Transient

Creator: Robert L Brown
Age rating: 13 and older
Advanced propulsion engineer, Rhea Valance, sets off from terraformed Mars to be the first to break the light speed barrier. When the space mission backfires, she lands millions of years in the future to find herself a captive of over evolved human descendants.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: This is the story of Rhea Valance, an advanced propulsion engineer of the future solar system. She lives on terraformed Mars, now called Terra Mara, with her guardian mentor whom she refers to as "mother". She devises an experiment that will break the light speed barrier for the first time in human history. Rhea takes a team of scientists on a space flight to test her newly developed space propulsion system, the "Anti-matter Induction Drive", capable of surpassing light speed. During the flight the experiment backfires and Rhea lands millions of years into the future, where she encounters the engineered evolution of mankind. How will she ever find her way home?

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