Suicide watch

Creator: jeremy soto
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
An alcoholic time traveler must use his powers to save his girlfriend after her unexpected suicide.
Synopsis: Frank Rodriguez has some pretty big problems, he’s the perpetual single friend of the group, everyone seems to be growing up without him, and to top it all off he travels back in time when he gets to drunk. The only person that believes him is his best friend Justin, but he’s far too busy with his own relationship and trying to get Thomas into one to be worried about it anymore.

Frank is once again the third wheel with Justin and his girlfriend Rachel at a house party in their hometown. Not even five minutes have passed and Justin is already telling Thomas that he only invited him so they could set him up on a blind date. As soon as he hears this Thomas wants to leave, he hates being set up with random girls. But Justin convinces him to at least talk to her before completely writing her off. Thomas sees her and is immediately taken back. Her name is Jessica and she’s about to change his entire life. They start talking and it’s an instant connection they spend the rest of the night getting drunk and end up spending the night together at franks house.
To the surprise of everyone they begin to hang out constantly. Frank asks her if she’s his girlfriend and she says she doesn’t know if she should be. They decide to play a drinking game to determine the fate of their relationship and they end up choosing to date. Cut to five years later. They live together now in a small house. Frank Is a mess, they had a huge fight recently and he’s drinking away his problems as he’s prone to do. He heads out to a local bar and runs into a girl he used to go to high school with. They flirt and drink and frank takes her home. In the morning Jessica comes over to apologize for overreacting but finds frank in bed with the woman still. She reasonably freaks out and kicks him out of the house. Frank knows he should try and fix things but instead gets drunk again; he comes home a drunken mess trying to fix things with Jessica. This time it’s his turn to be shocked as he finds her dead in their bed, an empty bottle of pills and liquor next to a note that simply says fuck you on it. Franks drinking gets worse as he blames himself for her dying. The day of her funeral he skips it to stew in alcohol and self-pity; he ends up getting black out drunk and traveling to the night he cheated on Jessica. Realizing he’s been given a second chance he kicks the woman out and immediately calls Jessica to apologize.
Cut to six months in the future. Jessica is pregnant and showing already. Frank is aggressively getting worse however, he has begun to abuse his time travel powers by drinking excessively every time a small problem comes up. He thinks he’s making the perfect relationship but it’s really the opposite. He’s drunk constantly in case he needs to go back and Jessica doesn’t know what to do about it. Months pass as frank gets worse, Jessica goes into labor far too soon because her life has become so stressful. They lose the baby and frank handles it how he handles all his problems by drinking and trying to fix it. Frank keeps making huge changes to the past but it never works out for them. Eventually he calls Justin for advice and he tells him maybe they just aren’t supposed to be together. Seeing as this is the only option frank hasn’t tried he thinks he might be right. He goes back in time and takes Jessica on this huge romantic date so he can have one last good memory with her, they get home and he tells her they need to break up. They get into a huge argument and he ends up taking it back. He realizes he can’t just break up with her he needs to make it so they never even dated. He goes back to the first time they met and makes it so they just become great friends.
It cuts to present day, Jessica is getting married. Frank is excited for her but secretly devastated. He attends and looks like he’s having a great time. When he gets home it’s another story he starts drinking and throwing chairs around his house. He keeps drinking and takes a handful of the same pills that originally killed Jessica; he lies on the floor trying to write a note but just crumples it up. Frank dies on the floor. The end

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