Sister Wraith

Creator: Phillip Finley
Age rating: 13 and older
Sometimes, the only way a sleeping beauty can awaken is for her to become something more than human. To set things right, two young men with extraordinary gifts must vie with assassins, nosy government bureaucrats, construction job headaches, and homeless spectres.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Tariana was an Amber Alert victim kidnapped one year ago. She was struck down into a coma from which she cannot awaken. The two young men who now care for her try to live in obscurity here in Earth-realm. However, they were not born here.

Paulos is the elementalist. For twelve hours a day, he keeps Tariana from vegetative decay by living his conscious mind in her body. At his comings and goings, they share dreams together, so she is not always alone. He has come to the conclusion that the only way to waken her is to merge her essence with that of an extremely dangerous creature not from this world.

Stevani is the fighter, a brother of the Order of Oberis. He is the one who gets to cross the unsealed gates and capture such a creature. He suffers through brigands, an annoying jester, a demanding boss-lady at his construction job, and highly uncooperative mountain dwellers to do it.

Homeless spectres complicate the situation. These goth ladies could happily find sanctuary here in Earth-realm. The problem is, the darlings have a nasty vigilante streak. Stevani isn't happy about that.

Tariana finally awakens on Earth's moon. After laying claim to the gold olive leaf left behind by astronaut Buzz Aldrin at Tranquility Base, she returns to Earth to help her rescuers confront the enemies who struck her down.

There are some chick moments in the story, so bring hankies.

One more thing... I do hope that the readers aren't afraid of ghostly spiders... big ones. :)

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