Creator: Silas Acosta
Age rating: 17 and older
Fantasy is a made for tv movie about a successful pro-football player with a sideline passion for fantasy football that leads him into a ‘high stakes’ match with a major drug cartel.
Synopsis: The story revolves around Damon Taylor, a first round NFL draft pick and one of the most exciting young running backs in the league, and equally known in smaller circles as a notoriously skilled Fantasy Football player. In search of the next great challenge, Damon decides to join a ‘high stakes’ fantasy football league. But things quickly get complicated when
another Fantasy Owner, Julio Soto, selects Damon Taylor to his fantasy football team….
Only to discover that Damon is actually competing in the same ‘high stakes’ league.Unbeknownst to Damon, Julio Soto is a high-raking member of a Mexican drug cartel…. He is also very competitive and will use whatever leverage he can to win the high stakes jackpot!

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