Day of Judgement Concept Promo

Creator: Marcos
Age rating: 13 and older
To stop cyberattacks from happening the U.S. Government forms the group known as ENDGAME to stop a female CEO while she steals top secret government data from the United States and other countries that have now joined the Anti-Hack treaty.
Synopsis: While cyberattacks start to arise in the United States while the current President announces of the crackdown of all cyberattackers. The United States and other countries band together to form an Anti-Hack treaty to stop the usage of hacking technology and the theft of government data and data from it's allied countries.

To stop more cyberattacks from happening the United States government forms a special agency known as ENDGAME to the cyberattacks from happening., but they focus one company that has disbanding after an incident from a Kayla Corp facility in Florida while the team tracks down the CEO while she begins her reign of government data thieving, after discovering who the driver of the main lead car.

What is keeping ENDGAME and Kayla Corp with this war on terror and cyberattacking from taking so long, is it because of the long rivalry between the two characters from four years ago.

Who will survive after they the two meet in a clash before one dies in the end, or does the person who dies, still live?

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