Creator: David Turturici
Age rating: Everyone
Stew, a retired 1960's Air Force pilot and Apollo astronaut, had long fought to go beyond the moon. Now a billionaire from satellite investments, Stew decides to fund his own shuttle. After launching for Mars, Stew realizes he has stowaways - six goofy foster home kids.
Synopsis: Foster kids Ken (17) and Arti (11) discover their baby sister Macey (3) is to be adopted – without them. Arti's not having it. After Arti protests by hijacking a school bus full of kids, the brothers are sentenced to spend their last days with Macey at the newly established Hinkley Home for Juvenile Delinquents.

Unknown to the judge, George’O Hinkley’s secret motive behind his recruiting method is to torment his brother Stewart. Stew, a former NASA astronaut hates children, and George’O hopes to gain an agreement from his brother to sell the large house and the estate property.

After renaming Stew “Prof” and his dog Armstrong “Chachi,” foster kids Vinny and Iggy find a soft spot with the retired old astronaut – their homemade Italian Food. After sharing their secret recipes, Prof shares his secret too – a spaceship he’s been building in his basement, designed for interplanetary space travel to Mars.

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