paradise island

Creator: ciprian chivari
Age rating: 17 and older
On a remote island, Captain John Angel is caught between N. K. with their clone factories, the inhuman "suits" squad and the alien artifacts smugglers from his own army, all trying to obtain technology out of an apparently deserted, but nevertheless dangerous alien ship.
Synopsis: On a remote island in the Pacific, the United States and North Korea fight each other over an alien ship -- a craft apparently deserted but nevertheless dangerous. The Koreans use clone factories to produce thousands of soldiers. But the Americans have a special "suit squad" -- men equipped with symbiotic suits which give them superpowers. However, the suits develop a side effect, altering the minds of the soldiers and turning them into a rogue force. Accusing their leaders of incompetence and greed, the rogues take the "alien problem" into their own hands. In desperation, the Americans bring Captain John Angel and his Delta Team onto the island to regain control over the superpowered rogue unit.

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