Creator: Kevin Lopez
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
After a teenage girl commits suicide, a masked killer begins terrorizing Austin, Texas high school students on their social media accounts. He knows all their darkest secrets. Teachers and students quickly become suspects as two detective try to figure out who the killer is
Synopsis: Four years after a teenage girl commits suicide, seventeen year old Marcel Cruz, is home alone with his best friend Ty Evans. They discuss girl problems. Marcel had just recently broken up with his girlfriend Andrea Gomez. To get over it, Marcel tries to hook up with a girl on the Tinder app. Things turn for a twist when Tinder girl is revealed to be inside Marcel's house. The two get attacked and Killed by a masked figure.

The following day, the news media and police arrive at Lake Travis High, Gianna Romero isn't taking the murders lightly. Gianna along with her boyfriend Levi Riley, and friends, Ella Niers, Eddie Granger and Ian Trevino attend a mandatory assembly were the whole senior class gets a picture message of the victims body.

Later that day Eddie hooks up with his English teacher Mr. Cott but things end up bad after Mr. Cott has to leave early. The same night Levi is at the park with Andrea Gomez, the two have an affair. Levi confesses to Andrea that he is never going to leave Gianna for her, hurt by his words Andrea decides to leave. Minutes later Levi gets an anonymous video on the popular app Vine of himself kissing Andrea, The masked killer suddenly appears killing Levi and Andrea.

Gianna later receives a picture of Levi and Andrea's dead bodies. After calling out for help , she is attacked by the killer. Ella appears and offers support. Two detectives, Detective Miller and Detective Orth arrive to question Gianna Romero. Eddie soon appears and becomes remotely suspicious to the detectives.

The next day at school it is the big football playoff game and Halloween. Gianna gets the news that she can't attend since it's not safe for her. Ella, Eddie and Ian get threatening messages from the killer. Meanwhile Gianna gets a video of a young teenage girl committing suicide, realizing this is the killers true motive, revenge.

After tracing down Levi and Andrea's cellphones back to Forensic Science teacher Ms. Mitchell, she is put in jail for their murders. With a suspect now in custody, Gianna sneaks out with the help of Eddie and Ella to the football playoff game.

Ella leaves the two and hooks up with Ian at the locker room. After an argument, Ella leaves when the masked killer appears and kills Ian. Realizing she forgot her purse, Ella returns to the locker room to discover Ian's dead body. She gets attacked and murder by the masked killer.

The football game ends early due to Ella's murder. Gianna and Eddie are joined by Gianna's dad, Joshua Romero when they all get attacked by the masked killer. The masked killer ends up killing Joshua leaving Gianna and Eddie fighting for their lives. Mr. Cott soon appears helping the two when the masked killer appears. It is there that the masked killer reveals itself. They have a fight to the finish.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Kevin's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Since slashers aren't being made anymore, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Social Suicide pokes fun of teenagers of this generation obsession with social media and celebrities.