Tellus Prime

Creator: T Roberts
Age rating: 13 and older
A vicious shadow being is sent back to 21st century Earth to assassinate an alien dignitary with a message to prepare Earth for a planetary exodus. A warrior will be sent back into time to stop him and alter the time fabric in the process.
Project collaboration: Closed

The year is 2225. Planet Earth has long since been terraformed on a sister planet called,”Tellus Prime”, in accordance with the teachings of Tibus, Bringer of Peace. With his gift called, “The Sphere” to both Old & New Earth, our planet has been reborn. The Sphere is an entity which breathes new life back into a once depleted ecosystem. As part of The Collective Alliance of Planets, Tellus Prime has been for over 200 years at peace. Until now...


A vicious race of Humanoid Shadow beings, ruthless, skilled in the art of camouflage and assassination are bent upon eliminating all life forms through cultural study and imitation, ascertaining all weakpoints to systematically destroy. By stealing Tellus Prime’s most sacred writing, a Book of Revelation called, The Book of Gunazi, The Shaad will stop at nothing to obtain The Sphere and fulfill their crusade of galaxy purification. The Tellusians are aware of this, yet one directive has remained hidden from them...

DIRECTIVE TWO: Assassination Mission
Old Earth...Present Day


Fierce and strong willed, Kiran Nandar is the Leader of the Eta Carinae Regulators. A woman expert in Tellusian combat arts and weaponry with keen intelligence and stunning beauty. Kiran, fueled by her intense hatred of the Shaad and the kidnapping of her younger brother finds herself back in time in a race to foil the plans of the Shaad’s most feared Shadow Soldier to kill their spiritual leader, the catalyst of a new era...Tibus. The destruction of New Earth and Old Earth culture clash and hang in the balance...Will she fulfill the prophecy in The Book of Gunazi or lead her own world as well as ours into ruin? Her younger brother is the sole key.

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