Bob the Idiot Stickfigure- Movie

Creator: Mercedes Barreto
Age rating: Everyone
Bob the Idiot Stickfigure is hilarious, but that's mostly true if you're among the crowd of younger people, or even children, who like to watch.
Synopsis: You will never have to frown again. Bob the Idiot Stickfigure is the funniest child-audience based stickfigure, his light hearted humorous ways are sure to make you laugh! Sure, he has the IQ of a peanut, but he sure is funny! Just don't take him too seriously, though.

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  • Video 1 - trailer/goes to Europe
    Creative Notes:
    Just Bob, the coolest stickfigure ever; a trailer of what's to come (sort of) and him in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower, which is part of his Bob the Idiot Stickfigure goes to Europe movie.